More to come soon, but here are some live videos:

Audiotrope gig 6th March 2021:

Live Stream performance on 10/04/20 for Now That's What I Call Quarantine online festival ...complete with technical issues (!), performance starts 2 mins in:

From John Martyn Tribute night 29th January 2019 at The Nelson, Hastings:

Ecstasy by Deluxor from The Monarch, Camden 29/03/1997 (with some swearing):

from the Beehive, Swindon, Summer 2013:

Stars and Rockets:

Already Autumn:

Be A Child Again:


Ecstasy by my all girl band, Deluxor, recorded 1996, Record Collector Single Of the Month, September 1997:

This Too Shall Pass remix by Chris Beale:

Roland the Thompson Gunner cover from Warren Zevon Tribute night 2013:

I'm also currently the keyboard player for 70s covers band Poxy Music, and here is a lockdown version of Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me):