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"Like the tunes!"

John Robb, musician & journalist

"Her new album is here and it's a thing of beauty"

Julianne Regan, lead singer of All About Eve and lecturer in songwriting at Bath Spa University

"Great album by the way, particularly liked Addicted and I Say Otherwise!"

Michael Putland, rock n roll photographer

ByAntony May TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 January 2018

Jam packed with catchy, well crafted songs, 'Stars and Rockets' has become a regular in my CD player at home of late! Not many artists these days actually bother to try and put intelligent, emotive and occasionally funny lyrics together with a tune that is both memorable and would sound good blaring out of a radio as somehow, someway it's not felt 'cool' to be easily understood anymore. 'Arty' has become the norm and as long as you sound like you are 'saying something' and the cover looks suitably 'thought provoking' you can call yourself a 'real artist'.

Well, I for one am glad that Anna, who quite obviously IS a real artist, has written a collection of songs I can relate to and almost anyone who has ever had a dream about being a 'pop star' will smile broadly when they hear the playful, 'Bedroom Legend'!

Most of the songs here, however are about failed love affairs. Anna's sound revolves around both rock and acoustic guitars while vocally she has a kind of fey, girlish sound to her voice that is amazingly alluring and 'draws you in on a personal level' to her lyrics. 'I Resign From Love' is another particularly strong song with lyrics that reflect just how hard it is to find a life partner these days and how because of that more people are simply deciding to 'just be friends'. The obvious single for me though is 'If You Don't Love Me'. It might be one of the softer, straighter songs here but Anna's voice is full of emotion and the way the track ebbs and flows on top of its 'twangy' guitar base makes it pure heaven to listen to. Being somewhat of a 'miserable git' myself I also LOVE the 'live' sounding, 'Ghost Ship'. Complete with the sound of a tolling ship's bell in the background,the song highlights Anna's expressive voice best of all.

In many ways Anna reminds me of a rockier version of 70's singer/songwriter (and BRILLIANT lyricist), Lynsey De Paul - 'She's Not Me' sounding very much like the kind of song she might write...

Pretty much all of the songs here are great and 'Beautiful Day', 'I Say', Otherwise', 'Addicted' and the title track could all easily be singles along with the aforementioned tracks. I do wonder if Anna is somewhat of an Aztec Camera fan though as whenever I hear, 'Be A Child Again' I want to start singing, the Camera's 80's hit, 'Somewhere In My Heart'. Mind you, I am rather a 'music nutter' so whether anyone else would pick that out, I don't know?

Overall, 'Stars and Rockets' is an intelligently written, well performed, playful, touching, funny and entertaining album.

So, what more do you want for your money? Get it downloaded! (Amazon Review)

"Standout track for me is 'Be A Child Again'. Beautiful guitar work and haunting lyrics remind me of something Buck Dharma would have penned from the Blue Oyster Cult... you are awesome!"

Martin Leroy, lead singer The Polarity Band.

"Can really recommend this amazing album. 13 great tracks written from the heart and has been playing constantly in our house the last few weeks. Great work Anna Page."

Craig Borrett

"We have had lots of long car journeys recently, listening to your album. We're really enjoying it! Our favourites are 'I Say Otherwise' and 'Addicted' and 'Bedroom Legend' but they are all great!"

Robb Whiteman & Amie Pendarves, singer songwriters


Nyusta Vanrenen, singer songwriter

"Very nicely put together CD"

Andy Gunton, journalist and radio DJ

"Listening to your album... Very reminiscent of early Blondie, in a VERY good way."

Chris Pierre

"Listening to your album. I love In Another World."

Fiona Walker-Arnott, Photographer and Interior Designer

“A brilliant and long awaited masterpiece… everyone should buy it”

Lil’ Lost Lou, singer songwriter

“A beautiful emotional expression of everything that is wonderful about Anna Page. Well done, Anna! Just listened to Stars and Rockets. You've shown how it's possible to take one's heart and gently press it between the leaves of a jewel case.”

Mike & Jane Hopkins

"I liked 'If You Don't Love Me'. But also, maybe even more: 'Beautiful Day', in fact, all the slower ones perhaps - when I got the full measure of your voice, which is beautiful. It really is a terrific CD. A super production and design."

Annie Davison, author and counsellor

"We just adore your difficult to pick a favourite, but I just adore Ghost Ship and I'm A Legend In My Bedroom!!"

Sarah Bishop

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 April 2021

"It’s not often that you listen to an album where you don’t feel the need to skip any tracks, there is some great story telling here which for me is the some of the best kind of music, you wake up humming the tunes, some of the songs reminded me of blondie or the bangles. Top tracks addicted, I resign from love, bedroom legend and the wonderful - beautiful day."

Lee Baverstock, Amazon Review

"Flopping out for a cup of tea means that you are in a tearoom being serenaded by Anna Page who has been on our radar for some time. The charismatic Page still looks like she has walked out of one of those late sixties Rolling Stones parties in deep Sussex and her wistful poetic acoustic songs create spells even around the clanking teacups of the upmarket café." John Robb Live review from Hastings Fat Tuesday, February 2020